Boston 13s

  • Founded: 2009
  • Captain: TBD
  • Head Coach: Peter Lupton
  • Admin: Robin Peers / Dustin W. Cooper
  • Championship: 2015
  • Venue: Eastern Boston Stadium
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The 13s have exploded on the Boston Rugby scene since winning the 2015 USARL National Championship. 

The Boston 13s were founded in 2009 by a group headed up by Harvard graduate Mikhael Shammas with the aim of rooting the sport of rugby league within the greater Boston area. The 13s moniker was chosen for the team for a number of reasons including that they were the 13th rugby league club formed in the United States. The current day operation is run by ex professional players Dustin Cooper (Melbourne Storm/Newcastle Knights/Cronulla Sharks) and Robin Peers (Gateshead Thunder) who won their their first USARL National Championship in 2015.

Venue: Boston University's Nickerson Field. For inquiries about sponsorship, merchandise sales or joining the 13s please email:

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