USARL / ERL Coaching Certification

The US Association of Rugby League, Inc. (USARL) a member of the European Rugby League (ERL), is committed to Coach Education and Training for the Sport of Rugby League in the USA.


As the NGB, USARL administrators are actively consulting with the ERL to provide pathways to coach education, training and accreditation. Those who wish to coach Rugby League in the USA should be accredited by the USARL.  The ERL Level 1 Coaching Courses are scheduled for specific venues and dates. The info for the next course is:

August 22, 2021 (Must register by August 15)
Yorkville, IL
Cost: $75


Level 1 Coaching Course - Who is it for? 

Coaches being accredited is a requirement of the governing bodies. Completing the two-day Level 1 course will enable coaches to introduce the sport of rugby league to new participants. The key emphasis is on the coaching of core skills, while a module on ‘team organisation’ will give coaches the basic knowledge needed to play the game. ‘How to coach’ is also an important element of the course, and finally there are modules on sports psychology and physiology.

On successful completion of the CPD/CATO tasks, Coaches will be found competent in being able to:

  • Plan, deliver and evaluate, progressive and enjoyable session
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and deliver a phase of training based on the needs of their players  
  • Demonstrate adequate skills of observation and analysis
  • Demonstrate the ability to Self—evaluate


USARL Coach candidates will be required to complete the following:

There are two delivery options:

  1. One day (equivalent) home study, comprising on-line modules and zoom sessions prior to attending one day on course face-to-face. The home study MUST be completed prior to attending the course. 

  2. Two days on Course, face-to face delivery, in the classroom and out on the Field. 

Coaches who attend and successfully complete the course will be CERTIFIED for 12 months, enabling them to coach. In order to be ACCREDITED (qualified), they must complete post-course work (CATO) within that 12-month period. If they fail to do so their certification will be withdrawn.



This is a program of continued professional development in four categories (consolidation-application-team-observation) which allows coaches to become accredited at Level 1 and eligible to apply for the Level 2 qualification after 12 months active coaching.

  • Consolidation and Application – 12 months: coaches should plan, deliver, and review 6 linked coaching sessions appropriate to the team / group they are coaching. At least one of these sessions should be observed by a coach educator. Upon completion of the 6 linked sessions coaches should provide a self-review of their coaching, which identifies 3 development points.

We are also communicating with the ERL to provide Coach Tutor Courses so those who become qualified can then deliver the ERL Level 1 Coaching Course in the USA on behalf of the USARL.  

We encourage you to visit the ERL Home of Coach Education website offer a range of online coaching resources for different levels of the game.


The info for the next course is:

August 22, 2021 (Must register by August 15)
Yorkville, IL
Cost: $75

Registration is a simple process:

1. Send an email with your request to attend to:

Mike Brogan
USARL / ERL Coach Educator 

This email has been obfuscated.

2. Submit your payment of the registration fee of $75:

Pay via PayPal