Best Wishes for 2019 From The Rugby League International Federation

The Chair of the Rugby League International Federation has issued an end of year message to the members, players and supporters of rugby league across the world. Graeme Thompson, who took over the role in November, has welcomed the progress made in the past 12 months and is enthusiastic about the future for the sport.
Best Wishes for 2019 From The Rugby League International Federation

“As we move on from this year and look to the next, then the central sense is one of progress made but greater opportunity lies ahead for the game.”

“Our board has a busy year coming as we finalise the important work in developing our governance towards the best practice required to ensure that the RLIF is as efficient and well-governed as possible in readiness for all the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead”

“On the field, we will see two significant world activities. We will see the 2021 World Cup Men’s line up confirmed and the first World Nines in Sydney including men and women competing alongside one another.”

“There will be significant other international events including no doubt new nations becoming part of our ever growing membership.”

“All of this can only be achieved by the many volunteers and staff members who work within our member nations. They are a growing band of people and it’s great to see and recognise what they are achieving for rugby league. I would like to thank them for all of their efforts and wish them every success for 2019.”

"In 2018, we saw a crucial expansion of the RLIF staff. This provides the organisation with much improved capacity to ensure that we can support our members and help them to grow. In our CEO, Nigel Wood, our Global Operations Manager, Danny Kazandjian and our Southern Hemisphere General Manager, Jeremy Edwards, we have expertise and experience to ensure that our progress continues and expands.”

“So before we say goodbye to 2018 I wish everyone best wishes for the holiday season and good luck for 2019.”

Graeme Thompson - RLIF Chair