Orange County Outlaws Make Official Announcement to Enter USA Rugby League

OC Outlaws announced today that it has entered into a league development agreement with USARL for the 2011 season, with full entry in 2012, completing a lengthy decision process and evaluation of league affiliation.
Orange County Outlaws Make Official Announcement to Enter USA Rugby League

Orange County Outlaws (Press Release) – Mar 17, 2011 – Newport Beach, CA - The Orange County Outlaws Rugby League Football Club today made an official public announcement that they would be entering into the USA Rugby League as an official developmental team in 2011 and full-time team in 2012.

After many months of preparation by the OC Outlaws Board of Directors, it was unanimously decided to place the Outlaws into the USARL for developmental purposes in 2011 and an official fully scheduled team in 2012.  "Though we had initially anticipated remaining independent in our first year of development, it became clearly apparent to us that the USARL had strong momentum and a plan to develop Rugby League in the USA, in particular here in the West Coast," stated Outlaws Board Chairman and President, Freddie Lewis.  "The USARL is offering its full support, resources and infrastructure and inter-play with the other USARL West Coast developmental teams should make it much easier for our travel arrangements and club development."

With the newly announced Los Angeles Raiders RLFC and Utah Avalanche RLFC coming into the USARL and two other franchises poised to make their announcement soon, the Outlaws will find immediate and local USARL competition.  Ryan McGough, the CEO of USA Rugby League comments, "The USARL is honored to have the OC Outlaws enter its Western Expansion.  They have an impeccable management team, with a strong business sense and understanding of the local sports market in Southern California."

Though an extremely difficult decision for the OC Outlaws management, the decision to enter the USARL comes with many positive advantages for the team.  Out the gate, the team will be on track to develop into a full-time official USARL team in 2012 with a voice and voting rights in the League.  Additionally, USARL brings two strong suppliers and to the Outlaws, Akuma Rugby and Vanguard Rugby, the official uniform and ball supplier’s respectively of the USARL. "Though not required by the USARL to commit to the above mentioned as team suppliers, we believe Akuma and Vanguard are extremely strong suppliers with a respected history in Rugby League which is crucial to the Outlaws initial success.  These relationships, amongst other infrastructure and support being provided by the USARL are critical pieces to the Outlaws development and became the green lights for us," remarks OC Outlaws Board Member and General Counsel, Brad Hakala.

2011 is shaping up to put the Outlaws on a winning path, with several local sponsors already in discussion with the Outlaws Management and talks under way to secure a top notch venue as the OC Outlaws official playing field.  Soon to be announced will be the Outlaws coaching staff, with 3 coaches anticipated to sign from the UK, New Zealand and USA.  Following these mammoth announcements will be team try-outs and official dates for a summer camp and OC Outlaws hosted 9's tournament here in Orange County.

OC Outlaws Board Member and Executive Vice President, Trevor Leeds commented, “We are entering a great time for the OC Outlaws, with many strong sponsors, Rugby League enthusiasts and community leaders lining up to support the growth of the Outlaws franchise.  2011 is going to be an exciting year!”

About Orange County Outlaws:
Orange County Outlaws are a semi-pro rugby league football club in Orange County, California.  OC Outlaws, through their affiliation with the USARL, will provide Rugby League players on the West Coast, the opportunity to compete and become one of the world's elite players, through highly competitive, semi-professional Rugby League.  The team's website is