USARL commit to process for successful development in the USA

The USARL Board of Directors, pursuant to their constitution, approve & agree with the process that; at a meeting held in Philadelphia on March 20th 2011 between AMNRL President, David Niu and Peter Illfield, Chairman of the USARL, both parties committed to begin a process that will ensure the successful development of Rugby League in the United States of America. The AMNRL and the USARL are agreed that there are more things that unite than divide us.  The parties are prepared to hold discussions in an open and honest fashion in order to find solutions to our collective problems in the development of the game.  Whilst undergoing this process we are committed to ensuring that there are no interruptions to the currently scheduled domestic and international programs in this country.  All involved would like to see top-class Rugby League administered successfully in the United States of America for the benefit of players, supporters, sponsors and other partners.

Both parties have agreed to work out a timetable for RLIF review and discussion, after which the parties intend to jointly present a plan to the RLIF for their approval and support before the end of 2011. During the RLIF review the parties are all committed to supporting Rugby League without hindering any other activities. AMNRL and USARL programs will be open to all athletes, management and supporters who wish to join in.

Finally the parties appeal to all members of the Rugby League community in the United States of America to deal with each other in a civil and respectful manner and to refrain from all inflammatory comment or action.  We need to remember that Rugby League is our shared passion and that we should be able to respect the views and actions of others.  This review will require patience, tolerance and understanding from everyone and we feel certain that our Rugby League Community can demonstrate these values which will greatly assist the smooth running of the process.