Governance & Members

The US Association of Rugby League Inc. (USARL) Board of Directors accept responsibility for constructing policy and providing resources for the development of strategies and plans for operations, finance, communication, legal, marketing and promotion and public relations for competition expansion, elite player development, national team performance, high school and college activities, coach, referee and volunteer education and training.​

Peter Illfield

Peter Illfield

Chairman / Director of Coaching

Mr. Illfield has been involved in the development of Rugby League on an International Basis. Prior to his appointment as  Chairman of the USA Rugby League in 2011, he spearheaded the preparation of elite youth squads for the Newcastle Knights, Western Australian Rugby League and Western Reds RLFC. He was a key component in the development of the sport at all levels.

Peter is a former Australian Rugby League player and accredited coach. He has developed and managed Rugby  League as a professional sports administrator and is an Australian Rugby League Level III High Performance Coach and has been a coaching staff member of the Australian  Institute of Sport, Rugby League National Youth Program.  He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Executive Board Member / Communications Director

Mr Williams has been involved with Rugby League in the USA since 1997 and has served as board member for the US Rugby League (USRL) 2000-2002 and American National Rugby League (AMNRL) 2002-2003. In 2010, Mr Williams helped establish and currently serves as an Executive Board Member for the USA Rugby League (USARL) through to present date. In 2014, he was elected and serves as board member on the U.S. Association of Rugby League, sanctioned by the RLIF as the National Governing Body to grow and administer the game of Rugby League in the USA.

Current roles served range from Administration, Policy Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Branding, Social Media, Event Planning and Delivery of Broadcast Games.

Original from Brisbane Australia, Mr Williams moved to Philadelphia in 1993 and has a 25+ year career in advertising and marketing working with Fortune 100 companies along with sporting organizations such as RLIF, FC Barcelona, UFC and NHL.

Ryan McGough

Ryan McGough

CEO (USA Rugby League, LLC)

Mr McGough has been involved with Rugby League in the USA since 1994 both with the AMNRL and USARL. As a player, Ryan represented the USA in 20+ international matches over an 8 year period with the American Patriots and the USA Tomahawks. During the mid 1990’s, he operated three clubs in the AMNRL (Wilmington Vikings, Penn Bulldogs and Penn Raiders.) Mr. McGough was the head referee and referee coordinator for the AMNRL for 4 years and was appointed as head referee in three international matches. In 2007 Ryan took over the Philadelphia Fight Rugby League Club, and was the CEO for 8 years winning 3 National Championships during that period. In 2010, Mr McGough helped establish and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the USA Rugby League (USARL) to the present date.

Current roles include day-to-day operations and insurance.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Mr. McGough has over 20+ years’ experience in all facets of Rugby League in the USA both as a player and administrator. 

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National & Regional Competitions Committee

Organize national, conference and divisional competitions organization, maintain Constitution/Rules and Regulations. Responsible for the administration and operation of RL competitions / referee & coach education, training & development / junior & college development / elite development / provision of resources to national teams. Members include USARL Inc. (NGB) / all National Competition clubs / each competition LLC conference and, or Division / Youth Development / College RL / Ref. Assoc. / Coach Assoc. / commercial & individual entities as agreed by the Board.

The LLC Board of Directors:

  • Peter Illfield (LLC Chairman, USARL Inc Executive Board)

  • Steve Williams (Marketing, USARL Inc Executive Board)

  • Ryan McGough (CEO)

  • Dustin Cooper (Rep for member club Boston 13s)

  • Asa Jearld (Rep for member club DC Slayers)

  • Drew Slover (Rep for member club Jacksonville Axemen

  • Andrew Tully (Rep for member club Philadelphia Fight)

  • Lawrence Almagno (Rep for member club Rhode Island Rebellion)

  • CJ Cortalano (Regional Representative for North East Clubs)

  • Danny Hanson (Regional Representative Mid Atlantic Clubs)

  • Gaz Walker (Regional Representative South Clubs)