USARL Player Registration & Payment

The U.S. Association of Rugby League requires all players to register prior to participating in any practice or game activity by its clubs or under its Governance.

I agree to the USARL player registration waiver agreement

This registration is to provide:

  1. Accountable and detailed information on all players in the USA, as required by the Rugby League International Federation.
  2. A record of understanding that participants are aware that Rugby League activities involve risk of injury which could result in (i) TEMPORARY INJURY, DISABILITY or PARALYSIS (ii) PERMANENT INJURY, DISABILITY, PARALYSIS AND, OR DEATH; which may be caused by their own actions, or inaction’s, the actions or inaction’s of other participants and, or the conditions in which the activity takes place.

  3. Confirmation the participant understands and accepts they will be required to sign a Waivers of Liability, provide personal ID and copy of personal medical insurance prior to participating in any club or USARL governed activity.
  4. Acceptance of the USARL Mission, Vision and Values and USARL Code of Conduct.
  5. To allow a central point of contact for the USARL to distribute information and updates to all registered players.