USA Hawks History

In 2015, under the guidance of English Super League coach Brian McDermott (Leeds Rhinos), the national team, which had been renamed the USA Hawks, won the Americas Region Qualifying series for the 2017 World Cup by beating Canada and Jamaica. That series was held in Florida in December of that year. Matches were played in Jacksonsville and DeLand. In 2016, the inaugural Rugby League Americas Championship series was played between the USA, Canada and Jamaica with the Hawks emerging victorious.

USA 20 vs. Canada 14

USA 20 vs. Canada 14

Hawks vs Wolverines - Colonial Cup Game 2, 2016

On Saturday Oct 1, in a rain drenched Wilmington, Delaware the final and deciding round of the Colonial Cup was played out in less than desirable conditions. The Hawks, eager to continue their winning ways in the lead up to their 2017 World Cup appearance were slow starters against a Canadian team fired up from recent losses and ready to defend the trophy they have held since 2014.

Just as they had in last weekend’s Americas Championship, Canada took the lead early at Eden Park. Wolverines Captain, Matt Wyles crossed the line in the 16th minute, with Joel O’Niell’s successful conversion taking Canada to an early 6 – 0 lead.  USA would fight back to level the scores only minutes later, as the number 7 Rich Henson cut through defenders to find the line. Following the successful conversion by Junior Vaivai both teams tried to piece together some decent plays in the wet conditions.  In the dying moments of the half the Hawks were the next to strike. Taking advantage of a napping defensive line created by a break in play, Hawks forward Casey Clark put his head down and ran straight through a poor tackle to score right under the posts. This would ultimately lead to the Hawks leading the Wolverines 12 – 6 at the break.  

As the 2nd half got underway it quickly became apparent the ‘arm-wrestle’ was far from over. Hawks took full advantage of a penalty in the 60th minute with Junior Vaivai, extending the Hawks lead to 8 points. In familiar fashion, the Wolverines were the next to rally, crossing the line only minutes later off the back of a cross field kick by Captain Matt Wyles. The quick thinking combination of Kevin Gurniak and Jon Cregg saw the ball battered back in, with the Centre Cregg crossing to keep the game within reach. 

Unfortunately, Canada’s kicking game again faulted as miserable conditions continued to hamper both sides. Canada’s Christian Miller helped set up and then score the Wolverines’ next points with an individual run and completion on the next play. Matt Wyles assumed kicking duties for the conversion however failed to collect the additional points. 

With the game tied at 14 all, Canada could smell victory. However, the USA’s talented Junior Vaivai had other plans. With only 2 minutes remaining a loose carry from the Canadians would break hearts as the number 7 sprinted 80 meters to secure a USA victory and the 2016 Colonial Cup series.  Canada tried a short kick off in the last moments of the game but it failed and ended up with Wolverines Captain Matt Wyles finishing the game in the sin bin after descent towards the referee. 

Jamie Lester, Wolverines Coach respectively congratulated the USA Hawks on a series of very competitive matchups. “Unfortunately for us the USA has managed to get across the line when it counts to clinch both games. Credit to them for playing until the 80th minute.” For his Canadian side, there was still positives to take away from the match as Canada looks to expand its depth across the vast country. “We need to learn from these experiences and grow for the future."

Venue: Eden Park, Wilmington, DE: 1st October 2016

USA Hawks 20 Tries: Rich Henson (20), Casey Clark (35), Junior Vaivai (79); Goals: Junior Vaivai 4/4 

MVP: Joe Eichner

Match Official: Bruce Wedderburn

USA Hawks: Roman Lowrey, Mike Timpano, Tyler Ierardi, Gabe Farley, Jon St John, Junior Vaivai, Rich Henson, Andrew Kneisly, CJ Cortalano, Nick Newlin, Casey Clark, Joe Eichner, Jon Purnell. Interchange: Bart Longchamp, Jared Moyer, Zach Reichenbach, Craig MacKenzie. Coach: Dustin Cooper.



USA 14 vs. Canada 8

USA 14 vs. Canada 8

Hawks vs Wolverines - Rugby League Americas Championship Game 3 & Colonial Cup Game 1, 2016

The Canada Wolverines were playing their first home test match vs USA in 2 years and there was plenty on the line. After both Nations had scored victories over Jamaica, the inaugural Americas Championship trophy would go to the winner of this huge game. Not only was this at stake but first points advantage for the Colonial Cup in 2016 would come from this game. This was going to be a massive game for the fans as all the players come out intent on winning the trophy.

As in all important games like this, the defensive work by both teams was very tough for the first ten minutes, but there were some opportunities opened up by strong Wolverine forward Joel Hulett who made a number of half breaks but lacked support to finish off these opportunities.

After 13 minutes, Akarika Dawn for Canada took it upon himself to test the USA defense close to the tryline and powered over for a try to open the scoring. Steve Piatek missed the conversion but Canada had the early points.

Through various reasons, including a poor short kicking game, the second 20 minutes of the first half saw Canada tackling for most of this period. USA had plenty of ball and tested the Wolverines defence but it never cracked and the rest of the first half remained scoreless. While Canada were happy to walk into the sheds at half time in front, there was plenty of energy burnt from all the tackling and the missed opportunities could come back to haunt them.

USA former NRL player Junior Vaivai was guiding the USA Hawks around the field and was always a danger man for the Wolverines.

Canada came out on fire in the second half and were throwing everything at the Hawks, but they remained patient and stopped any tries being scored until the 64th minute when robust Wolverine Prop Alex Boyd raced 40 meters towards the tryline after picking up the ball from a charge down and then being tackled ten meters out. Canada quickly threw the ball out wide for Kevin Gurniak to score a try in the corner. Steve Piatek missed the conversion from the corner, so Canada had to be happy with the 8-0 lead.

With only 15 minutes remaining, this was going to be interesting and we didn't have to wait long for the Hawks to hit back. A pass that went out the back was scooped up by Hawks full back Roman Lowrey, who outpaced the opposition to score in the corner after 68 minutes. The conversion was missed, but you could see this gave the USA a huge boost and with only 5 minutes left on the clock a quick passing movement saw Hawks center Gabe Farley race over for a try.

With the scores locked at 8-8, the conversion was missed again so the scores remained locked. Officials were racing around to see what happened with the trophy if the scores were locked up at full time, but there was no need for that discussion as USA Hawks speedster Jon St John raced away from the Wolverines defense to score with just over a minute still on the clock.

Junior Vaivai converted to bring the final score to 14-8 in favour of the Hawks.

Venue: Lamport Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada: 24th September 2016.

USA Hawks 14 Tries: Roman Lowrey (68), Gabe Farley (75), Jon St John (79); Goals: Junior Vaivai 1/3 

MVP: Junior Vaivai

Match Official: Rickii Monk

USA Hawks: Roman Lowrey, Taylor Howden, Taylor Alley, Gabriel Farley, Jon St John, Junior Vaivai, Matt Walsh, Andrew Kneisly, CJ Cortalano, Nick Newlin, Casey Clark, Bart Longchamp, Jon Purnell. Interchange: Josh Rice, Rich Henson, Joe Eichner, Craig MacKenzie. Coach: Dustin Cooper


USA 54 vs. Jamaica 4

USA 54 vs. Jamaica 4

Hawks vs Reggae Warriors - Rugby League Americas Championship Game 2, 2016

The USARL Hawks routed the Jamaica Reggae Warriors with a decisive 54-4 win Saturday in Philadelphia, PA, USA. This was the second of the three-game Rugby League Americas Championship Series.

The USARL Hawks started the scoring early in the game, Taylor Alley scoring a try in the first ten minutes of the contest.  Mike Timpano missed the conversion, leaving the score at USA 4 – Jamaica 0.  Just past the ten minute mark Timpano makes up for missing the conversion by scoring a try of his own.  Though he missed the conversion attempt, the Hawks nonetheless extended their advantage over the Reggae Warriors to eight points.

At the midway point of the first half, Junior Vaivai scored a try, and successfully kicked the conversion, giving the USARL Hawks a 14-0 lead over the Jamaica Reggae Warriors.  With eight minutes left in the first half, Taylor Alley scored his second try.  With Mike Timpano’s successful conversion kick, the USA took a 20-0 lead over Jamaica.  The Hawks would take this lead with them into halftime, keeping the Reggae Warriors out of the try zone during the first 40 minutes of the game.

Just a few minutes into the second half, the USARL Hawks committed a penalty, allowing the Jamaica Reggae Warriors the option to kick for points or for field position.  Jamaica opted to try for the two points, but missed the kick, leaving the score at USA 20, Jamaica 0.  The Hawks scored an unconverted try eight minutes into the second half to extend their advantage to 24.  The USA soon responded with yet another try from Gabe Farley.  Following the successful conversion kick by Mike Timpano, the Hawks built their lead over the Jamaica Reggae Warriors to 30-0.

USARL Hawks Captain Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos) scored his first try of the game before the midpoint of the second half.  After the conversion kick by Mike Timpano, the USA took a 36-0 lead over Jamaica.  However, the Reggae Warriors’ Ronaldo Wade finally scored an unconverted try for Jamaica with 20 minutes left in the game.  This put the Reggae Warriors’ first (and only) points on the board, ever so slightly closing the Hawks advantage to 36-4.

After Jamaica’s try, the Hawks dominated the rest of the matchup.  The USA’s Timpano scored a try and a conversion with 13 minutes left in the game to bring the score to 42-4. Barthlemey Longchamp (Jacksonville Axemen) punched in another try with seven minutes left.  After yet another successful conversion kick off the foot of Timpano, the Hawks led the Reggae Warriors 48-4. 

With just two minutes left in the game, the Hawks struck once more, with CJ Cortalano scoring the contest’s final try.  After Timpano’s successful conversion kick, the Hawks took a 54-4 lead, which was also the final score of the game.

The last game in the three game Rugby League Americas Championship Series, the Canada Wolverines vs. the USARL Hawks, will take place on 24 September in Toronto, ON, Canada.  With large losses to both the Wolverines and the Hawks, Jamaica now heads home with only six points in the tournament.  The winner of the Canada vs. USA matchup will clinch the 2016 Rugby League Americas Championship.

Venue: A.A. Garthwaite Stadium, Philadelphia, PA: 23rd July 2016.

USA Hawks 54 Tries: Taylor Alley (5, 32, 48), Mike Timpano (11, 67), Junior Vaivai (20), Gabe Farley (50), Nick Newlin (59), Bart Longchamp (73), CJ Cortalano (78); Goals: Mike Timpano 6/9, Junior Vaivai 1/1 

MVP: First/Last Name

Match Official: Alan Chmielewski

USA Hawks: Rich Mizell, Mike Timpano, Gabe Farley, Taylor Alley, Roman Lowrey, Junior Vaivai, Matt Walsh, Nick Newlin, CJ Cortalano, Andrew Kneisly, Casey Clark, Luke Barron, Jon Purnell. Interchange: Bart Longchamp, Josh Rice, Joe Eichner, Jared Frymoyer. Coach: Robin Peers


USA 34 vs. Canada 24

USA 34 vs. Canada 24

Hawks vs Wolverines - Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers Game 3, 2015

Three tries from Danny Howard and another superb performance by skipper Mark Offerdahl saw the USA become the eleventh nation to qualify for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, after they beat Canada 34-24 in a wonderful winner-takes-all clash against Canada at the Hodges Stadium, Jacksonville, Florida.

The Hawks qualify for their second successive World Cup, after making the quarter finals in 2013, new head coach for the qualifying series, Brian McDermott, ending a sensational season with a further triumph, having taken Leeds Rhinos to a domestic treble.

McDermott switched Los Angeles-born Danny Howard to the second row from centre, where he had played in the narrow win over Jamaica in game one, to team up with brother Steve and it proved to be a masterstroke, as did moving Ryan Burroughs to full back when Corey Makelim was sent off for dissent just after the half hour. Burrough’s superb linking runs from the back continually pushed Canada back after they threatened to create history by reaching the World Cup for the first time, the Wolverines leading 18-14 at the break, although eventually beaten by eight tries to four.

Hooker Ryley Jacks, who persisted despite injury and also crossed for three tries, and his brother stand off Rhys - along with ‘the Sheriff’ Jamie Kelly - were superb for the visitors, who were looking for their fourth successive win over the Hawks. But, late on, when chasing the win they needed after drawing with Jamaica, Canada were undone when forcing passes that didn’t go to hand.

“The performance was right up there in terms of courage and determination,” said McDermott. “It wasn’t the flashest performance ever, there were one or two things we needed to be better at, but after having a man sent off at the back end of the first half to then get over a very competitive Canada just shows how much determination and desire the players had. I’m immensely proud, we qualified for the World Cup which was the first objective but it’s been a really enjoyable camp for the last two weeks and the players have given absolutely everything.

“Canada are a good team and we were worried at 18-all. They’ve already beaten America twice this year and we were under no illusions how good they were going to be. The whole second half was a real worrying time and they deserve a lot of credit as well.”

In 25 degree temperatures, the first half followed the pattern of the first two qualifiers, with plenty of endeavour on defence, some spilled ball due to over-eagerness and penalties given away at the play-the-ball.

As they had against Jamaica, USA started strongly to take an early lead; Taylor Alley stepping over at the end of the first set of the game, a repeat one, and Taylor Howden – who posed a threat throughout – crossing on the left inside the opening nine minutes, both conversion attempts missed.

Canada hit back well, Rhys Jacks and Steve Piatek combing to put Kelly over, Piatek goaling and the same combination looked to have worked again soon after but the final pass was ruled forward.

The Wolverines did take the lead in controversial fashion in the 32nd minute, Ryley Jacks burrowing over from close in despite Makelim’s protestations that he had got under the ball which resulted in him being marched from the field by official Robert Hicks. Piatek goaled and the visitors led, but only briefly, Burroughs making a surging run from the back and Danny Howard ploughing over, Howden – one of four kickers used by the Hawks – with the only successful home conversion to make it 14-12.

There was still a sting in the tail to end the half, on the final play, a beautiful chip over by Rhys Jacks bamboozled the home defence, Ryley running on to it to step Burroughs and go over by the posts, Piatek with the extras.

Again the USA began a half strongly when the teams re-emerged, Howden powering over in the corner on a last tackle powerplay after the ball had been switched expertly from left to right, to level. Steve Howard was held up and Rhys Jacks broke clear in response but his pass only found touch, Kristian Freed then kicking a 40-20 from which Central Florida Warrior Alley bustled his was over for his second score. Offerdahl made a clearing run but the Canadian defence held but they couldn’t halt Burroughs on a 50 metre charge which set the position for Howard’s second try out wide.

As Canada seemed to tire, Burroughs crossed in the 63rd minute but again the goal was missed that would have given the Hawks a three score lead. The Wolverines regathered their own short kick off and Ryley Jacks again made them pay from close in, Piatek’s goal from in front making it 30-24.Alex Boyd was held up as the Canadians looked to level and Roman Lowery diffused a Rhys Jacks kick to the corner as the 12-man Hawks were stretched.

Canada tried a chip over but Rich Henson cleaned up and Burroughs dropped a high kick on the last, but again the USA defence held when the final pass out wide went into touch. With the last minute approaching, Danny Howard went on a run up the left hand side and forced his way over for the celebrations to begin. Offerdahl took the final conversion attempt from touch, but the ball drifted wide.

“That was the toughest game I’ve ever played,” he said. “To play 50 minutes with 12 men, it was a ridiculous effort from the boys. If we could kick goals it might have been a little bit easier for us! I’m so proud of them, I’ve never been involved in anything like that and now we’ve got 2017 to plan for.

London Bronco Offerdahl added: “I put the victory down to the work we’ve done in the week and the game-plan we had. At times we went away from it and that’s when we started to concede points but when we went back to it everything worked out. We had to dig in - there were forwards playing more minutes than they are used to and wingers having 20 or so scoots for the game.”

Understandably, with what was at stake, there were tears from both sides when the hooter went.

Canada coach Aaron Zimmerle commented: “There were periods in the game where it was our opportunity to take control of the match but credit to America they really stood up. “Some of their go-to players were able to pull out the big plays when needed, they capitalized well late when we were trying to force the issue and made an error. But, as this whole tournament has showed, every time we're down and out, we find a way to claw back into the game.”

Canada co-captain Piatek noted: “I would like to congratulate the USA for their victory. We worked very hard and to even be involved in the World Cup qualifiers themselves was a sign of how far we have come. We have four years now to take the sport in Canada to new levels and we’ll be ready to try to qualify again.”

Venue: Hodges Field, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL: 12th December 2015.

USA Hawks 34 Tries: Taylor Alley (2, 53), Taylor Howden (9, 44), Danny Howard (36, 58, 79), Ryan Burroughs (63); Goals: Kristian Freed 0/2, Taylor Howden 1/4, Matt Walsh 0/1, Mark Offerdahl 0/1 

MVP: Mark Offerdahl

Match Official: Robert Hicks

USA Hawks: Corey Makelim, Taylor Howden, Taylor Alley, Ryan Burroughs, Roman Lowrey, Rich Henson, Matt Walsh, Nick Newlin, Kristian Freed, Mark Offerdahl, Danny Howard, Casey Clark, Steve Howard. Interchange: Jon Purnell, Andrew Kneisly, Sam Carson, Luke Barron. Coach: Brian McDermott


USA 20 vs. Jamaica 14

USA 20 vs. Jamaica 14

Hawks vs Reggae Warriors - Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers Game 1, 2015

New USA head coach Brian McDermott tasted victory in his first game in charge, as the Hawks held on to defeat Jamaica 20-14 in the opening match of the Firehouse Subs World Cup Qualifiers – Americas, in Jacksonville , Florida. An extremely strong wind throughout made cold conditions even more difficult, the hosts impressive out of dummy half coping with it, while the visitors put down too much ball.

“It was very tough game, a really challenging game,” said McDermott. “The Jamaicans were a group of very big and athletic men that needed to be defended. We toughed it out to get the win, I was really pleased with our commitment to each other.”

The Hawks were best served by Kristian Freed at hooker, while skipper Mark Offendahl was a towering presence. “I’m very happy the boys hung in there,” Offendahl noted. “We made it a bit tough for ourselves with a lot of knock-ons and penalties but, to our credit, we hung in there and got the win. We had a game plan and when we did stick to it we dominated.”

USA got off to a terrific start, posting two tries in quick succession to take a 10-0 lead. Offerdahl powered over for the first in the 10th minute, Freed gaoling and, after the Reggae Warriors had again spilled the ball, Taylor Howden went over from close in. Jamaica dominated possession for the rest of the half, winning eight penalties in a clash of numerous huge collisions and the occasional flare up but, too often, the visitors surrendered the ball in promising positions.

Prop Ross Peltier was a stand out for Jamaica and he sniped over on the half hour, Joel Farrell converting to narrow the gap to four points. Soon after, USA debutant Sam Carson was sinbinned for attacking the legs of a kicker and, as the half ended, Omari Caro followed him to the sidelines after being shown a yellow card for an off the ball incident.

A flurry of tries at the start of the second period saw the game open up. Powerful centre Danny Howard was the first across for the Hawks from another superb short ball from Freed, who goaled, but Jamaica hit back when Farrell picked up a stray pass and scorched to the corner on a 70 metre run, his conversion attempt wide in the wind. Some good hands from the hosts restored their ten point advantage when full back Corey Makelin joined the line to go over in the 49th minute but from there on in it was a USA rear-guard action as the Jamaicans again had most of the ball. Tenacious home defence kept the visitors out until two minutes from time when the ever-industrious Peltier claimed his second score.

“It was a really exciting game and I think the fans would have been really pleased,” said Jamaica head coach Romeo Monteith. “It was competitive until the end and I want to congratulate the USA on their victory. We just need to regroup for Canada. We have a few injuries so hopefully we’ll be able to get them back on the field. “We were pretty tough in defence even though we let in two soft tries, but overall for 80 minutes I think we were really solid, which pleased me a lot. There are areas for us to improve though, we could have shifted the ball better; our strength was at centre and wing. We needed to move the ball a lot earlier.”

Venue: Hodges Field, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL: 4th December 2015.

USA Hawks 20 Tries: Mark Offerdahl (10), Taylor Howden (12), Danny Howard (43), Corey Makelim (54); Goals: Kristian Freed 2/4 

MVP: Mark Offerdahl

Match Official: Robert Hicks

USA Hawks: Corey Makelim, Taylor Howden, Taylor Alley, Danny Howard, Mike Timpano, Rich Henson, Matt Walsh, Steve Howard, Kristian Freed, Mark Offerdahl, Abe Cohen, Casey Clark, John Purnell. Interchange: Jon Purnell, Andrew Kneisly, Sam Carson, Luke Barron. Coach: Brian McDermott


USA 28 vs. Canada 34

USA 28 vs. Canada 34

Hawks vs Wolverines - Colonial Cup Game 2, 2015

The Canada Wolverines have beaten the USA Hawks 2 - 0 in this year’s Colonial Cup series after displaying a courageous effort in their 34 - 28 victory in Philadelphia on Sunday.

The Wolverines went into the match leading the series 1 - 0 after a similar score in game one of the two-match series, 36 - 28. The 8-point difference meant that the Hawks needed to win game two by at least 9 points to win back the Colonial Cup after Canada won the cup for the first time last year in a one-off game played in Toronto.  

It was the USA Hawks that got off to a better start as a strong head wind and a string of penalties against the Wolverines made it challenging for them to gain good field position. The first points came after 22 minutes when Timpano successfully kicked a penalty for the Hawks. It was not long after when speedy fullback Ryan Burroughs finally cracked the Canadian defensive line with some strong footwork and a clean pair of heels taking him 40 meters for the first try of the match. The successful conversion made it 8 - 0 to the Hawks.

Canada’s first penalty came in the 25th minute which provided them with their best attacking opportunity of the match. Some slick handling created enough space for Eddie Bilborough to go over in the corner. The missed conversion made the score 8 - 4. Minutes later, the Wolverines were at it again with a replay of the first try sent Bilborough in for his second. This time Piatek was successful with the conversion, bringing the score to 10 – 8.

Another penalty in Canada’s favor, again sent them upfield, this time it was Steve Piatek that took advantage of some sliding defense with a sly show and go taking him straight through the USA defense to score under the posts. Piatek converting his own try and Canada now lead 16 - 8.

With half-time quickly approaching, out of nowhere, a USA 3rd tackle kick fell into the arms of USA’s chasing fullback who beat the cover defense to bring the Hawks within two at the halfway mark.

Coming out of the sheds at halftime, the Wolverines took to the field with a 16 - 12 lead.The Wolverines quickly gained the upper hand with some strong hit ups from the forwards supported by great kicking from Steve Piatek that saw the USA Hawks forced into dropping out from under their posts or having to run out from their own line. This pressure finally told when after a good offload from Christian Miller, saw Eddie Bilborough run through a huge gap to score beside the posts. Piatek successful with the conversion again.

The Wolverines extending their lead to 22-12. Billborough’s try was followed a few minutes later when on the back of a strong Alex Boyd run, Wolverines. Captain Matt Wyles caught the Hawks defense napping and went over from dummy half. Piatek again successful with the conversion. Canada 28 USA 12. The USA Hawks were next to score with a try to substitute winger Roman Lowery of a Luke Barron kick. Timpano converted and the Wolverines now lead 28 – 18.

The Wolverines quickly replied when Wamalwa picked up a Matt Wyles offload and scored beside the uprights. Piatek converted and the Wolverines extended their lead to 34 – 18. The game finished with two consolation tries to the USA Hawks, Roman Lowery with the last try as time expired, Mike Timpano converting the first. 

The final score 34-28 and a well-deserved and dominant Game 2 win for the Canada Wolverines. The Wolverines creating history by taking both games in the series and retaining the Colonial Cup trophy for the second year in a row.

Coach Jamie Lester had this to say about the result, “It was extremely pleasing to see the boys come away from quite a bit of adversity in the first half to get the result we wanted. In the past we haven’t been able to sustain that much pressure, so to overcome that and be leading at the break was testament to how far they’ve come. Everybody put their hand up today, I am really proud of what they have achieved.”

Venue: A.A. Garthwaite Stadium, Philadelphia, PA: 18th October 2015.

USA Hawks 28 Tries: Roman Lowery (3), Ryan Burroughs (2); Goals: Mike Timpano 4/6

MVP: First/Last Name

Match Official: Alan Chmielewski

USA Hawks: Ryan Burroughs, Jared Frymoyer, Taylor Alley, Luke Barron, Mike Timpano, Rich Henson, Shain Singleton, Andrew Kneisley, Gareth Walker, Kevin Wiggins, Abe Cohen, Casey Clark, Jon Purnell. Interchange: Terrance Williams, Roman Lowery, Bart Longchamp, Zack Reichenbach. Coach: Peter Illfield


USA 28 vs. Canada 36

USA 28 vs. Canada 36

Hawks vs Wolverines - Colonial Cup Game 1, 2015

Canada created history in Philadelphia when they defeated USA Hawks 36-28 in the first game of the three-match 2015 Colonial Cup Series.

The Wolverines had never won on neighbouring soil dating back to the first encounter between the two great rivals in 1987.

Canada coach Jamie Lester commented: “I am extremely proud of our performance and not just from the playing 17 but the entire squad that have been challenging each other for the past couple of months.

“It's great to get our first win on US soil but the job is only half done for now. I know that the Hawks were struck by a bit of adversity during the match, losing their captain and playmaker Richie Henson, along with injuries to other key personnel. The Hawks finished the game the stronger and will come back hungrier for the next match. It's really going to test our squad's resilience.”

Canada took an early lead through Alan Lafferty, the Hawks hitting back with tries from centre Taylor Alley and Casey Clark, both goaled by Matt Walsh.

Christian Miller with a touchdown for the visitors and a second conversion from the faultless Steve Piatek levelled matters and the visitors took the lead just before the break with a spectacular try finished by Jonathan Cregg.

Trent Bourke and Enoch Wamalwa extended the Wolverines’ lead, USA full-back Kenny Britt responding before Canada prop Antoine Blanc crashed over for the decisive score.

Alley posted a second try and exciting Ryan Burroughs crossed to set up an exciting finish but the visitors held on.

Venue: A.A. Garthwaite Stadium, Philadelphia, PA: 20th September 2015.

USA Hawks 28 Tries: Taylor Alley (2), Casey Clark, Ryan Burroughs, Kenny Britt; Goals: Matt Walsh 4/5

MVP: First/Last Name

Match Official: Vince Lawson

USA Hawks: Kenny Britt, Rodrigus Ceasar, Ryan Burroughs, Taylor Alley, David Aguilar, Rich Henson, Matt Walsh, Andrew Kneisly, Gareth Walker, Marcos Flegmann, Jon Purnell, Casey Clark, Kevin Wiggins. Interchange: Nick Newlin, Terrance Williams, Curtis Goddard, Abe Cohen. Coach: Peter Illfield


USA Tomahawks

USA Tomahawks

1997 - 2014 (USA National Team)

Formerly known as the USA Tomahawks, the USA is considered to have had a successful 2013 World Cup campaign finishing in the Quarter-Finals. The USA won a warm up against 4th ranked France, defeating them 22–18 in Toulouse making it their best victory to date. Following they played the Cook Islands and Wales within their group, and then an inter-group game against Scotland, beating the Cook Islands 32– 0, Wales 24–16, and losing 22–8 to Scotland. As group winners, USA faced Australia in the quarter-finals, losing 62-0 to be eliminated from the tournament.

  • Canada (52) vs. USA (14) - Toronto, ONT (August 10, 2014)
  • Australia (62) vs. USA (0) - Wrexham, Wales (November 16, 2013)
  • Scotland (22) vs. USA (8) - Eccles, England (November 7, 2013)
  • USA (24) vs. Wales (16) - Wrexham, Wales (November 3, 2013)
  • USA (32) vs. Cook Islands (20) - Bristol, England (October 30, 2013)
  • USA (22) vs. France (18) - Toulouse, France (October 18, 2013)
  • USA (30) vs. Canada (22) - Toronto, ONT (September 28, 2013)
  • USA (28) vs. Canada (20) - Toronto, ONT (September 7, 2013)
  • USA (44) vs. Canada (16) - Philadelphia, PA (August 24, 2013)
  • Canada (36) vs. USA (20) - Toronto, ONT (July 6, 2013)
  • Samoa (34) vs. USA (10) - (June 2, 2013)
  • Queensland Murri (72) vs. USA (18) - (October 26, 2012)
  • USA (36) vs. Canada (14) - (September 22, 2012)
  • USA (28) vs. Canada (24) - (September 8, 2012)
  • Tonga (28) vs. USA (20) - (May 12, 2012)
  • USA (38) vs. Ireland A (20) - (March 18, 2012)
  • USA (40) vs. Jamaica (4) - Camden, NJ (October 23, 2011)
  • USA (40) vs. South Africa (4) - Camden, NJ (October 15, 2011)
  • Canada (18) vs. USA (16) - (September 18, 2011)
  • USA (18) vs. Canada (2) - (August 27, 2011)
  • Ireland A (26) vs. USA (8) - (March 19, 2011)
  • USA (46) vs. Canada (12) - (November 20, 2010)
  • USA (36) vs. Jamaica (26) - (November 16, 2010)
  • USA (22) vs. Canada (16) - (September 19, 2010)
  • USA (37) vs. Jamaica (22) - (November 14, 2009)
  • Samoa (42) vs. USA (10) - (November 9, 2007)
  • USA (54) vs. Japan (18) - (October 28, 2006)
  • Italy A (38) vs. USA (6) - (February 4, 2006)
  • USA (40) vs. Japan (10) - (January 26, 2006)
  • Australia (36) vs. USA (24) - Philadelphia, PA (December 1, 2004)
  • Russia (64) vs. USA (8) - (May 12, 2004)
  • Ireland (74) vs. USA (16) - (May 10, 2004)
  • USA (41) vs. Ireland A (10) - (March 24, 2004)
  • USA (78) vs. Japan (6) - (June 27, 2003)
  • Russia (44) vs. USA (14) - (May 6, 2003)
  • USA (20) vs. Ireland A (16) - (March 15, 2003)
  • New Zealand A (74) vs. USA (14) - (October 6, 2002)
  • Russia (54) vs. USA (10) - Moscow, RU (September 13, 2002)
  • Tatarstan (30) vs. USA (24) - (September 9, 2002)
  • USA (26) vs. Japan (10) - (June 1, 2002)
  • USA (24) vs. Ireland A (22) - (March 16, 2002)
  • USA (50) vs. Morocco (10) - (2000)
  • Italy (40) vs. USA (16) - (November 17, 2000)
  • USA (52) vs. Canada (10) - (November 13, 2000)
  • USA (19) vs. Ireland A (6) - (March 18, 2000)
  • England (110) vs. USA (0) - (2000)
  • Lebanon (62) vs. USA (8) - (November 1999)
  • USA (68) vs. Canada (0) - (1999)
  • USA (54) vs. Japan (0) - (1999)
  • USA (32) vs. Canada (6) - (1998)
  • USA (50) vs. Canada (10) - (1997)
  • France (31) vs. USA (0) - (1954)
American Patriots

American Patriots

1993 - 1996 (USA National Team)

In 1991 Rugby World TV promoter John F. Morgan of Lake Placid, NY was petitioned by Rugby League Australia to bring a USA Team to the Sydney 7's and in 1993 Morgan created the AMERICAN PATRIOTS who became a novel hit at the Annual Sydney 7's. Morgan also acquired the TV rights to ARL competitions and aired them on his Rugby World TV program from 1991-95. He also attempted to launch League in the USA and convinced the RFL to send an Ireland Team to the USA for St. Patricks Day matches in 1995 and 1996. The games were staged at RFK Stadium and televised live by espn2 in 95 and delayed in 96. In 1992 former St George Dragons player David Niu relocated to Philadelphia and began to introduce rugby league to the Glen Mills Schools, where he was employed as a teacher. Soon after, he was contacted by Morgan and they set about building a U.S. national team with Niu as player coach to compete in international tournaments for the first time. Morgan also hosted a few USA/Canada matches and a USA/Russia match at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco in 1996.

  • Ireland A (26) vs. USA (6) - (March 16, 1996)
  • Russia (28) vs. USA (26) - (October 20, 1995)
  • Scotland  (38) vs. USA (16) - (October 18, 1995)
  • Cook Islands (64) vs. USA (8) - (October 16, 1995)
  • Wales (66) vs. USA (10) - (June 18, 1995)
  • Wales (92) vs. USA (4) - (June 11, 1995)
  • Ireland A (24) vs. USA (22) - (March 16, 1995)
  • USA (44) vs. Canada (0) - (1995)
  • USA (22) vs. Canada (0) - (1994)
  • USA (22) vs. Canada (10) - (1994)
  • Russia (19) vs. USA (12) - (1994)
  • USA (32) vs. Canada (2) - (1993)
  • Canada (23) vs. USA (10) - (1987)